What we do

Whether you’re holding a wedding or cocktail party, or launching a new product or building, I’ll thrill and inspire your guests. I’ll also take your headaches and stress away. You’ll get all the support you need - before, during and after your event.


Corporate events

Some people say that corporate events can’t be as creative as private parties. We beg to differ! All of our corporate events stand out for the right reasons. They’re well-executed experiences to savour. We work with clients like Blackrock, UBS, and Conde Nast. And we’ve delivered large-scale events with budgets over £1m.

It doesn’t matter what your business is. Or what you’re celebrating. We’ll manage your stakeholders’ expectations, and turn your ideas into a creative event design and experience. View client list


private parties

Private parties let us share and celebrate intimate moments. We’ve staged mini-rock festivals. Rebuilt ‘Momo’s’ in someone’s garden. Suspended Russian acrobats 80 feet above a stage. And we’ve arranged performances by acts like Lionel Richie, Lesley Garrett, Westlife and the Strictly Come Dancing stars. 

It doesn’t matter what size or type of party you’d like. You’ll always receive outstanding personal care and attention. We’ll get to know you, and create a “one-off” magical experience.



Creating a special wedding day takes a lot of skill and patience. You need creativity and flair. That’s not forgetting a keen eye for detail, and the ability to manage other people’s emotions. 

These are the reasons why our clients value Lucy so highly. She’s worked with brides, grooms and their families for over 15 years. A recognised expert, Lucy’s written the Debretts Wedding Guide.

To see the magical results we’ve achieved, please have a look at our pictures and testimonials. Even better, contact us today.