What our clients say about us…


'Lucy has such a lovely attitude that it works miracles and everyone enjoys themselves, both the hard working staff to the hard partying clients. She is completely trustworthy, totally discreet, full of really imaginative ideas, enthusiastic, unflappable, understanding and unbelievably efficient. It was pure pleasure working with Lucy, which is why we chose her and her team again and again.'

Isabel and Joseph Ettedgui, private and corporate clients.

'Lucy organised the Condé Nast Summer Party for me this year. This is a party that we throw for our clients every year and the general consensus amongst the senior management in the company was that this year was the best ever. The success of the party was down to Lucy's hard work, enthusiasm, good taste and great contacts and suppliers. I would also add that a party planner needs to be unflappable and exude strong sense of calm confidence while also having a keen sense of urgency when it’s needed – all these attributes Lucy has in spades. I cannot recommend her higher.'

Rupert Turnbull, Condé Nast.

'I am very grateful to Lucy who organized my 40th birthday weekend. Without her, the event would never have reached the standards it did. Lucy has a creative and pragmatic mind, is hands on and result driven, which is rare combination of skills. Also, I’ve been impressed by Lucy’s listening skills and how talented she is at identifying very early on what I would like. She adapted to cultural differences (I am a foreigner) almost automatically and understood my taste immediately. She took ownership of the project which was in it’s infancy but close to the d-day and settled all the key matters in the first week. Everything was finalized in due time. She checked all the details and removed all the pressure and stress from me.  She has been really impressive.'

Sigrid Duhamel, private client.

'Where do I begin with my thank you? You enabled my family to give me the most marvelous party. It encompassed so much of what I like and could enjoy in the company of so many friends. Big parties have been a tradition in our family, but this to me was the pinnacle.'

Terry Bramall, private client.

'Thank you to all at Lucy Attwood events for creating the best party I’ve ever been to, let alone hosted. We have been inundated with thank you letters all saying the same thing… that it was the party of the year, unbeatable, perfect in every detail and unparalleled for sheer fun! You took on all the hard work, effort and worry of the organization and added some inspirational touches so that all we had to do was enjoy ourselves, which we did with gusto! Very many thanks. On a personal note, we literally had thank you letters from every single person who came – not written as couples, but from each individual person saying how much they enjoyed it, how beautiful the marquee was, how superb the bar, band and accommodation was – and I think about ¾ of them agreed it was the best party they’ve ever been to – so we’re going to have to come up with something pretty spectacular to top it for Nick’s 40th!!!!'

Becky Vale, private client.

'I am sure you will have people frequently telling you how wonderful you are but I wanted to make sure you knew of the impression you have made on us. Without exception, all of the detail and special touches ensured a first-class event. You have a great team of staff that made a real difference to the day and on behalf of the Tower Limited Partnership, BlackRock and Hermes, I would like to pass on our grateful appreciation for your superb hospitality.

Tower Partnership Ltd.

'Another amazingly fabulous party arranged by Lucy Attwood. This is my third time of working with Lucy and each party has been so unique and different from the last but definitely no less spectacular. They all have been filled with complexities, which are made simple by Lucy's efficiency and organisation. She pulls together all the different elements seamlessly so as the host, all you have is the fun of the planning and the fun of the party itself.'

Rebecca Bletcher, private client.

'Lucy both inspired and organised our 10th Wedding Anniversary Party, and it was a really fantastic one! In very little time, Lucy organised an Indian Summer Party that we and all our friends will remember forever. There is no way it would have been so imaginative or so much fun without her. And for someone like me who hates organising, she actually made the planning fun!'

Harriet and Gareth Rhys Williams, private clients.

'I have had feedback from just about everyone in the London office that Friday was the best "work" Christmas party that they have ever been to! Considering we have people who have worked for different organisations of all different sizes all around the world for a number of years that is high praise indeed!  We cannot thank you enough!'

Dan Voss, Messagelabs.

'Just a quick note to thank you for another spectacular event last night: the food was excellent, the drinks plentiful, the venue terrific and the entertainment superb! You really are an event planner extraordinaire!'

Thibault De-Fontaubert, UBS.

'What can we say? A truly amazing day and it was all down to you! In 10 months you took our mad ideas and turned them into something out of this world!  Thank you for everything you made happen.'

Paul and Lance, private clients.

'A HUGE thank you for organising the HRH Princess Anne event at the Hurlingham Club. The venue was perfect and we absolutely loved having the chance to work with you.  We have had a wealth of positive feedback which is fantastic – lots of key contacts saying they want to step up their support, just what we wanted!!  We couldn’t have done this event without you.'

Emma Howard, Riders for Health.